Smart RFID Network


Main advantage of our RFID tags is a very high degree of resistance to:
  • Electromagnetic fields - even induction oven.
  • Temperatures – up to 280 Celsius or more (depending on the tag).
  • High pressure.
  • Caustic chemicals (sea water, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, bromine, chloride, drilling fluids).

Maximum reading distance: 10 meters. (Smaller antenna = smaller distance. Larger antenna = larger distance. If space is not an issue, antenna can be huge and cover much larger distances than 10 meters).


2.4 GHz tags

Minimum size:

Sensor tags don’t have batteries inside and can withstand temperatures from -40C to +275С and more.

Tags respond to the transceiver queries using the same power received from it.

  • Temperature measurement
  • Identification

New generation of Smart RFID Tags makes it possible to collect power from natural external sources, store it, and used it to process and record data without having any batteries.

For example, completely autonomous solution will record temperature data during the travel and send it to the transceiver wirelessly at the destination.